About Us

OhSevenDays is a mindfully made womenswear label creating sustainable staples from dead stock fabrics based in Istanbul Turkey. Essentially, we make slow fashion from fast fashion's leftovers! We offer Monday to Sunday dressing made from ethical beginnings to sustainable endings. 

Our compact collections revolve around an understated yet charismatic aesthetic and are designed to be multi-functional and compatible within capsule wardrobes. 

The OhSevenDays label was born after Founder, Megan Mummery stumbled across a small district of Istanbul selling off-cut fabric rolls leftover from large garment manufacturers. This unused fabric meterage can be doomed for landfill due to excess manufacturing or miscalculated consumptions. This discovery sparked an idea; the idea to create a womenswear brand that uses the left overs to create sustainable regenerative fashion.

At OhSevenDays we promote the idea of 'slow fashion' and want to contribute to the concept of 'The Power of Circularity'. We produce our garments with sustainability in mind and therefore source materials from deadstock fabric rolls.
Being based in Istanbul, one of the textile manufacturing capitals of the world, we are lucky to have access to these factories and their beloved forgotten leftovers! 

We believe you should know a bit more about the clothing you wear. From design and manufacturing, to sales and distribution, the garments we all wear have a long lifecycle before they even make it to our wardrobes. We believe in giving customers complete transparency and it's our aim to ensure you know where your garment originates. We want to give you a behind the scenes view of the brand's journey, all the way from stitch to store.

Our collections and production is all done in house with our team of 4 tailors who do a myriad of jobs within our production chain. Our head tailor is named Tayyar Bütün and comes from the inner Anatolian city of Sivas. He's been working in the textile industry for 40 years and has run his own factory in the heart of Istanbul for over 20 years. He's an amazing tailor and super nice guy. We've been working with him for 4 years and he was even a witness at our founder Megan's wedding!

Our main sewer is named Hicabi, a 47 year old from the Black Sea town of Ordu. Hicabi (Hici for short) has been working with Tayyar for 6 years now and is extremely skilled in woven garment construction. Hici spends a month every summer in his home village where he works harvesting hazelnuts from his family's farm. He brings his weekly salary home to support his wife and two children. 

Our other sewer is Emin, who have been working in the factory for around a year each. Emin is from the Mediterranean city of Antalya and is extremely skilled in evening wear and hand finishings.

We hope that sharing the story of our production brings some personality to our garments and that next time you buy a piece, you give some thought to the multitude of people it took to create it. 

Our fundamental goal is to promote sustainable manufacturing practices and lifestyles. Share our message and increase awareness of the social injustices that occur in the mainstream fashion industry by asking other brands 'Who Made My Clothes?'. 

Founder & Designer:

Canadian born and Australian bred Megan Mummery founded OhSevenDays after a move to Istanbul and discovering a huge untapped resource in the form of surplus/deadstock fabrics. This ignited the idea to create small batch collections that were not only sustainably sourced, but also under ethical work standards.

Megan Mummery