Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? 

I grew up in İstanbul. My childhood is filled with adventures and fun, happy memories. I was a smiley face and a huge cat lover! I remember that I used to do paintings as soon as I get home from school.. that was my jam. Also I do remember wearing my mamas highest heels and styling her clothes pretending to be a grown up lady boss hahah. 

Yasemin Wears:

Phoebe Dress

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Never lost your trust in yourself!

If you had to build a capsule wardrobe with 5 items, what would they be?

1. Grey 990 New Balance sneakers
2. Rayban wayfarers
3. A good quality white tee
4. Vintage Levi’s 501 jeans
5. Tiny gold hoop earrings 

Yasemin Wears:

Cecil Blouse
Blazer Jacket from Bute 

Can you tell us a little bit about your brand?

Bute is a slow fashion brand established 2019. Brand’s name comes from my Albanian ancestors. It means calm personality, smooth and nice person.
Bute’s aim is to manufacture good quality products made with finest fabrics that we can offer you and ethical workforce for a longer usage. We serve products that are perfect for everyday use with unique details.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Seeing Bute as a global brand, reaching out to more people with same mentality and producing with same ethical mindset.

What or who is your greatest source of inspiration for your brand?

My love for Renaissance era and art generally actually.
My sketches and little drawings that I scrabble when I get bored or frustrated.

Yasemin Wears:

Bobby Boilersuit

What would you say is the most important part of your daily routine?

This is an easy question haha.
My morning routine and skincare
I get up very early, I exercise 5 or 6 times a week and meditate afterwards. Then I shower, prep my skin, listen to podcast and prepare myself a hearty protein filled vegan oatmeal.. perfection!
I loooove a good skincare routine and I never ever skip that time of the day no matter what!

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

I just wanted to do my own thing with my rules, my choices, my yes and no’s.. I always had a desire to create something, anything and share it with people around me. I love receiving feedbacks and focusing on upgrading my work, behavior and myself. 

Do you have any song or podcast recommendation?

My all time favorite: Howling - Short Line

  • unhinged with chris klemens
  • how c*m
  • guilty feminist
  • office ladies
  • how to fail with elizabeth day
  • didik didik freud
  • teras noir


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