My name is Kirst Gordon. I am a founder of two brands the one is Two Continents the other one is called Summah and I live in Istanbul for the past five years. So Two continent is a lifestyle brand that incorporates bag and accessories and jewelry as well as some resort wear pieces that can be used for a lifetime. 

Summah is also sustainable ethically sourced where I sourced a whole bunch of Turkish towels and blankets and throws. I've also added some essentials like woolen and knitted bags.

Where did you grow up? And what was your childhood like?

I grew up in Cape Town South Africa. My childhood was amazing, the four of us are really close which is really good. I've got a younger sister who's a lawyer and I work with my dad on the brand Summah. My mom and I are really close, so yeah we are like best friends!

What are the best and worst parts of running your own business?

The worst is definitely the accounting part. I hate that bit. The best is having the freedom to do whatever I like whenever I like. I like the travel a lot, so it allows me to to be as creative as I want to be and take the time when I want to.

How long have you been an entrepreneur and what made you choose this career path?

I would say maybe for the five past years having moved to Istanbul. I didn't really have that much to do when I first came, and I didn't have that many friends so I wanted to incorporate my creativeness and my degree which was a fashion so I just started playing around with different pieces, curating different things from other designers, working together with other creatives too. So yeah that's pretty much how it started!

You travel so much! Where did you get your sense of travel and adventure?

I definitely thank my parents for that as we traveled quite a lot as kids. I was always interested in different cultures and different places, so I definitely I got from my family. My favorite thing about traveling is the fear of the unknown, you never know what to expect, there are so many things you can discover and explore. 

We know your brands focus a lot on sustainability, how do you incorporate sustainability and ethics into both your personal life and business?  

In my personal life, I try and shop as much from the markets I try not to use any plastics. I also try to recycle as much as I can! I try to buy only the pieces that I know will last a lot longer. Within my business, I try to select a collection that I know can be in a wardrobe for a long time. I also try and use products and material like cotton and linen that doesn't harm the environment so much. Our towels are OCS which is organically certified cotton. So yeah I try and do as much as I can!

What you have learned from moving away from your home country and living and working abroad?

Definitely to be more independent, to not take things so seriously, have a bit of fun, and make new friends. I try to go home as much as I can but also just explore and not to constantly stay indoors. I like to try and find new places to visit and find new things to do.   

What's the one thing you would tell your younger self?

To not take life so seriously, to have a lot of fun and not worry about small things.

How do you relax after a tense day?

I usually go home and watch series or I'll have cocktails... Big little lies I would definitely say I'm obsessed with. 

What's your goal for the future and where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Just develop my brand more, to maybe travel a bit more, make more money. I don't know I hope to still be in Istanbul but that might change. 


Do you have a podcast or book tips for us?

I love the podcast Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow. There is also one called your creative start which is actually Australian!

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