Six Ways to Boycott Fast Fashion

Six Ways to Boycott Fast Fashion

Written by : Ela Frances Moorcroft 

The fast fashion industry is hugely problematic because of the masses of bargain basement items consumers repeatedly buy and then throw away because they’re constructed to only be one season (if that!).

This mentality of producing garments cannot be sustained due to the detrimental effects fabric sourcing and production has on the environment, and the unethical ways in which those clothes are being produced. So, what can we as consumers, do to avoid fast fashion?

STEP ONE: Shop from sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

At OhSevenDays we prioritize sustainability above all else and maintain environmentally aware production techniques. We are committed to working with Sedex certified factories, which means that the workers who produce our clothing not only earn a minimum wage, but a living wage. Other than fair compensation we also require that the working environments are safe and do not use child labor, discrimination or harassment of any kind. In terms of eco-friendly production, we source most of our resources from deadstock fabric, which are usually leftover from large shipments, and can have minor defects. Instead of disregarding these fabrics, we use them for our products. These fabrics do not deserve to be thrown away!

STEP TWO: Buy less often and buy high quality.

When buying an item, try to make sure that it is high quality and trend neutral. Even though a certain print might seem cool at the time, try to think of how it will add to your wardrobe in the long run. Check out our blog post on how to create a capsule wardrobe so you will know what you need, and how to make the fullest use of the items that you have.

Less is more! You won’t need to keep re-buying cheap t-shirts if you have a good quality one that will last you forever! It can be expensive to buy high quality items, but in the long run it makes sense due to the low cost per wear (cost➗times worn).

STEP THREE: Donate or sell gently used clothing.

You’ve enjoyed your clothes but they no longer ‘spark joy’? Why not find them a better home? You can even earn a little extra money while doing so: through depop and many other online secondhand clothing stores, you can sell your gently used clothing.

Donate your clothes to secondhand stores, charity shops, vintage stores, and thrift shops so that they can still be worn and made use of rather than going to landfill. This also encourages customers to take care of their clothes so that they can potentially be of use.

STEP FOUR: Buy secondhand or rent.

As well as donating to these stores you can buy from them.

Secondhand shopping is now so much easier and more reliable with a great variety of online marketplaces.

For example, Rent the Runway is an online store where consumers can rent items that they would usually only wear once. They offer membership rentals as well as one-time rentals. If you choose a one-time rental for a special occasion, you will get to keep the garment for 4-8 days. Or with membership you can keep clothes for as long as you like and if you really like them and believe you would make use of them you can even buy them! Renting clothes makes sense for occasions like parties or weddings where you need dresses that you wouldn’t wear on a day to day basis.

Urban Outfitters has also released a platform, Nuuly, where you can rent brands that are sold on their website, including OhSevenDays!

STEP FIVE: Repurpose old clothing.

If your clothes no longer match your aesthetic or fulfill your needs, you can use them to make new things. Everyone loves a DIY project!

  • Flip your old clothes into new styles! Just as you turn your old jeans into shorts.
  • Use your old clothes to make new accessories: Making a scarf or a scrunchie from an old dress is so easy. If you love your dresses fabric, or it has sentimental value to you but can no longer be worn, you can keep that dress with you in different ways.

Even though cutting and reshaping your clothes may seem messy at first, taking an old item and using it to its fullest potential is such fun!

STEP SIX: Buy recycled.

With technological advancements, repurposing clothes doesn’t need to be messy at all. Many old clothes are now able to be recycled: They are turned into cotton and then repurposed into new garments. For this technique of recycling to advance even more, try to shop for textiles made from recycled or organic fabrics.

In the end, the future of the fashion industry depends on us consumers. By breaking the taboo of outfit repetition, and making more sustainable choices, we must boycott fast fashion together!

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