5 Easy-Care Indoor Plants for Greening Up Your Space

5 Easy-Care Indoor Plants for Greening Up Your Space

   There are few steps to take your home to the next level and show that you have a taste for decoration. But to be honest, most of us don’t have an idea where to start. So, plants would be the first step to spruce up your home. Studies indicate that indoor plants provide better concentration and productivity almost up to 15%. They’re also said to reduce anxiety, boost your mood and increase creativity. So, in order to create your own green space, you need to research the plants that suits each of your rooms and their environment because there are endless varieties of indoor plants.

   So, add these 5 low maintenance indoor plants to your space and see the benefits ASAP!


1. Snake Plant

   Snake plants are so famous for a reason: they’re one of the most easy to care for. Its name comes from its stiff and sharp leaves. Besides their beauty, they’re able to survive in dark corners of the house. But a few hours direct morning sun will uplift its growth. They also handle droughts so, you don’t have to worry about watering it often. That’s why, snake plant is an ideal start for beginner gardeners because it’s almost impossible to kill.


2. Philodendron

   Philodendron’s name is actually derived from the Greek words ‘philo-‘ (means love, affection) and ‘dendron’ (means tree). They have large dark leaves which can absorb a great amount of light and water. The reason Philodendron is a quite desirable indoor plant is its adaptation to any lightning conditions. Also they can survive a little drought. You shouldn’t water them more than once a week. So, Philodendron care is simple and they can adapt to various environments which may lead you to get one.


3. Monstera Deliciosa

   The Swiss Cheese, or the Monstera Deliciosa, plant is one of the most beloved and cool indoor plants. The deliciosa means ‘delicious’ while monstera means ‘monstrous’. Its leaves are large and heart-shaped as a tropical plant. However, its easiness of cultivation and varieties of conditions makes it an easy plant to grow indoor. Monstera Deliciosa prefers a bright but indirect light, and needs more humid. Also, you only should water it when the top inch of the soil gets dry.


4. Chinese Money Plant

   Photo-Friendy Chinese Money plant or ‘Pilea’ is very adorable and also so easy to look after. It has eye-catching rounded leaves which makes it a remarkable plant. As they grow slowly, they aren’t sold in many plant markets or garden shops. So, it may be a great idea to beg to a plant-lover friend to share his young plant. Similar to the Swiss Cheese, Chinese Money also prefers a bright indirect light. If you leave it to the direct sun or light shade, it may encourage the leaves .So, Chinese Money is one of those indoor plants which will make your jungle a little interesting.


5. Succulents

   If you’re one of the low-maintenance plant parents, succulents are the greatest option for you! Watering them twice a month will be enough for them. Don’t water them too much otherwise, that may cause them to rot. Succulents has that thickened and fleshy parts which store water when conditions get arid. Even some succulents’ capacity to retain water can get up to 95%. They are also so unusual and charming that people grow them as an ‘ornament plant’. So, the only thing you should do is to make sure your succulents get enough light like 6 hours per day and, that’s it!


Written by : Işıl Öçal


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