Trees For Transactions

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We're Planting 5 Trees for Transactions This Month!

We're excited to announce we're now partnering with TreeSisters' program Trees for Transactions. To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we're planting 5 trees for every order placed from the new collection this month!

Who Are The TreeSisters? 
TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. They are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care. They channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organisations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalise collective ownership of planetary restoration.

In 2016 they successfully campaigned to reach 2,300 women giving monthly, funding 1 million trees annually planted in the tropics through our reforestation partners. As of September 2019, they have now funded over 5.5 million trees across our projects in Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil, Cameroon, Nepal and India. Their goal is to achieve the planting of 1 billion trees annually through monthly, one-time and partnership donations.

As an OhSevenDays customer, you'll be apart of the TreeSisterhood and contribute to their reforestation and protection projects and help to lower greenhouse emissions globally. 

Why Plant Trees:
We plant trees to restore ecosystems and livelihoods whilst increasing protection against the extremes of climate change in multiple regions of the tropical forest belt. Doing this in ways that recreate and restore natural forest ecosystems using indigenous species, fostering local knowledge and skills, and promoting women's participation. We strive to do it intelligently, appropriately, respectfully and successfully.
Forests play a vital role in the hydrological cycles of our world, sequester the atmospheric carbon dioxide that is driving climate change and provide the most biodiverse regions on earth. When trees are removed, vibrant ecosystems are often overfarmed, eroded and rendered infertile in a cascade effect that is mirrored with social decline, grinding poverty and climate extremes. Reforestation can rapidly reverse these trends, stabilizing and nourishing the soils, restoring watersheds, revitalizing dry springs and providing good quality water to large populations living downstream.

TreeSisters - Plant a tree