Who is Nazlihan Agac?  

I actually ask myself the same question quite often! Existential pains aside, I recently  earned my master's degree in Audio-Visual Communication – Specialisation in  Documentary Photography. I am currently preparing for a PhD program in Portugal,  where I live. My main interests as a practitioner are the ideas of intimacy, privacy,  and use of personal life as a source of artistic inspiration within contemporary art  practice. 

What's been a highlight in your career?  

I do not really know the answer of this question but maybe it was moving to Portugal.  Moving another country is always a challenge and it teach you a lot of things. 

Nazlıhan wears:

Cecil Blouse

Ruby Crop Top

Petal Shorts (Pearl)


If you had to live out your days in one outfit, what would it be?  

White linen pants and white linen blouse. 

What has traveling taught you?  

“You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives  to a question of yours.” 

― Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities 

How do you try to be more sustainable in your everyday life?  

First, I think sustainability is a difficult subject and there is a lot of misinformation  about it. As for what I personally do, I'm trying to learn more about being sustainable.  To be honest, it's very disappointing to me. Not consuming plastic is inevitable and I  feel helpless. I try to buy less stuff, I try to warn those around me, I separate our  garbage. 

Nazlıhan wears:

Winona Top (Blush)

Heather Trousers (White)


How was your style evolved throughout your life? 

Actually, I've always been a self-indulgent person and, over the years, this has  grown more and more. For me, the most important thing about an outfit is that I can  be comfortable in it. I don't think I understood that when I was younger. Colorful clothes, patterns, unusual cuts, different combinations have always attracted  me. But over the years, I realize that I want to dress more simply.

The cool thing about style is that it is always evolving and I think that's why dressing  and fashion are so interesting. 

Whats pandemic has changed in your life?  

Not much. I live in a very small fisherman town in the north of Portugal with my  husband and our two cats. Our life is kind of a slow life so to speak. Being apart from  my loved ones is something I'm used to by living abroad. 

Spending time at home was not difficult for me. Also, during the pandemic, I was  trying to finish my master's degree, so in a way it even helped me. 

What would you suggest to those who are noncommittal about careers and the  future?  

I would say stop being afraid. And start to understand what is fear for you. There is a  nice quote from Phoebe Waller-Bridge. “Whenever I get stuck on something, I'm like,  'What would I do if I wasn't afraid? What would I write if I wasn't afraid? What would I  say in this situation if I wasn't afraid?'” 

Brene Brown (2012) describes the vulnerability precisely as uncertainty, risk and  emotional exposure. I suggest to watch her show in Netflix: To Call to Courage. 

Nazlıhan wears:

Phoebe Dress


And last one, book, music, or podcast recs?  

Book: Sophie Calle - True Stories 

Music: Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You 

Podcast: Pınar Erkan - Ahşaptan Betona, Mecidiyeden Jetona

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